What Not to Wear to a Wedding

Lets face it, as much as most of us would like to think we know what to wear to a wedding, sometime we don't have the slightest clue. Different weddings call for different themes, so sometimes even a dress is not appropriate for the venue or theme. In order to become knowledgeable on what not to wear to a wedding you must following these steps to help you avoid a fashion disaster: Find out the theme of the wedding and put all jeans and everyday ware away.

What's the Theme?

When you are invited to a wedding, you should be informed right away about whether or not there is going to be a theme or even a specific style of clothing they want their guests to wear. If so, do your very best to match whatever it is they are asking for. For the best results try to get connected with the other wedding guests to form a shopping trip and find out what it is they are purchasing for the big day. This will help you coordinate with everyone appropriately.

Don't Acknowledge Your Everyday Ware

Although you may think you have found the perfect pair of pants and matching blouse for the wedding day, chance are you are taking the risk of sticking out like a sore thumb. To avoid this disaster, put aside all of your everyday ware and focus more on the outfits you have only wore a few number of times. If you do not acquire any clothing worthy of wearing to a wedding, it is time to go shopping. Sometimes spending money is better than not going to a wedding because you have nothing to wear and is better than being that one person who does not match the 100 other individuals sitting in the pews.