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After standing in front of your mirror for hours on end and trying on at least ten outfits, you are probably wondering to yourself, what exactly it is that you wear to a wedding? As bridesmaids and groomsmen are provided with their attire, unfortunately the guests of the wedding are not that lucky. Although no one really pays attention to what a guest wears, it is still respectable to dress fashionably and respectfully. If you are going out of your mind and stressing out trying to figure out what to wear for a family member or friends wedding, look below some helpful tips to finding you the perfect outfit.

Men's Attire

As a male guest of a wedding it is probably not in your best interest to wear work clothes or just jeans and a t-shirt. So why not shake it up a little bit and go with a a freshly ironed pair of khakis and your best button up shirt? A flannel may not be your best choice of a button up, but a plaid or solid colored shirt will most certainly do. When you walk into the venue, you will be sure to receive multiple compliments on your style as it is not your normal, everyday attire.

Woman's Attire

For all you women attending a wedding it is important not to steal the brides shine. Although dresses are most certainly the perfect attire for this type of event, it is ideal to avoid any dresses larger or more fancy than what the bride has picked out for her wedding dress. Some excellent dresses to look into are summer dresses with a nice floral print or even a smaller strapless dress with room to add some jewelry to your look.